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  • HarmonicDrive®

    Made up of just three simple components, these HarmonicDrive® components deliver precise motion control with its unique mechanism.

  • HarmonicPlanetary®

    HarmonicDrive® is a planetary speed reducer with high levels of accuracy and stiffness created by making the most of Harmonic Drive Systems' precision manufacturing technology and expertise in the field of low- speed reduction.

  • Direct Drive Motor

    KDU series is direct drive motors capable of super high resolution and high precision positioning.

  • Rotary Actuator

    Rotary actuators are low-speed, high-torque actuators combining a HarmonicDrive® that features excellent angle transmission accuracy and high rotational precision and a servo motor that features superior control characteristics.

  • AC Servo Motor

    The server motor features a hollow shaft and flat structure similar to the main product of the rotary actuator.

  • Servo Driver

    AC Servo Driver for Open Field Network
    Provides many functions to bring out the best performance in actuators.

  • HarmonicLinear®

    The linear actuators are a compact assembly of a precision screw and HarmonicDrive® capable of micron and submicron level positioning.

  • Harmonicsyn®

    A series of ultra-small incremental encoders.


    Galvano mirror type optical scanners capable of scanning at high speed and with high accuracy by employing our unique optical sensor and our high-performance mobile magnet type motors.

  • Special Products

    Products developed for use in special applications and environments