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Servo Driver HA-800 Series AC Servo Driver


  • MECHATROLINK-II, CC-Link for Open Field Network
  • Positioning time shorter by 1/2 (compared to conventional model)
  • Auto-tuning function added
  • Approx. 30% less volume ratio

HA-800 Series AC Servo Driver Quick Start Guide

Rotary Actuator / HA-800 Series Combination Table

Series Model No. Input voltage Combined driver
General purpose I/O command type MECHATROLINK-II type CC-Link type
SHA 20 200 HA-800A-3D/E-200 HA-800B-3D/E-200 HA-800C-3D/E-200
25 100 HA-800A-6D/E-100 HA-800B-6D/E-100 HA-800C-6D/E-100
200 HA-800A-3D/E-200 HA-800B-3D/E-200 HA-800C-3D/E-200
32 200 HA-800A-6D/E-200 HA-800B-6D/E-200 HA-800C-6D/E-200
40 200 HA-800A-6D/E-200 HA-800B-6D/E-200 HA-800C-6D/E-200
200 HA-800A-24D/E-200 HA-800B-24D/E-200 HA-800C-24D/E-200
58 200 HA-800A-24D/E-200 HA-800B-24D/E-200 HA-800C-24D/E-200
65 200 HA-800A-24D/E-200 HA-800B-24D/E-200 HA-800C-24D/E-200
FHA-C mini
8 200 HA-800A-1C-200 HA-800B-1C-200 HA-800C-1C-200
11 200 HA-800A-1C-200 HA-800B-1C-200 HA-800C-1C-200
14 200 HA-800A-1C-200 HA-800B-1C-200 HA-800C-1C-200
8 100 HA-800A-1C-100 HA-800B-1C-100 HA-800C-1C-100
11 100 HA-800A-1C-100 HA-800B-1C-100 HA-800C-1C-100
14 100 HA-800A-1C-100 HA-800B-1C-100 HA-800C-1C-100
FHA-C mini
8 200 HA-800A-1D-200 HA-800B-1D-200 HA-800C-1D-200
11 200 HA-800A-1D-200 HA-800B-1D-200 HA-800C-1D-200
14 200 HA-800A-1D-200 HA-800B-1D-200 HA-800C-1D-200
8 100 HA-800A-1D-100 HA-800B-1D-100 HA-800C-1D-100
11 100 HA-800A-1D-100 HA-800B-1D-100 HA-800C-1D-100
14 100 HA-800A-1D-100 HA-800B-1D-100 HA-800C-1D-100
17 200 HA-800A-3C-200 HA-800B-3C-200 HA-800C-3C-200
25 200 HA-800A-3C-200 HA-800B-3C-200 HA-800C-3C-200
32 200 HA-800A-6C-200 HA-800B-6C-200 HA-800C-6C-200
40 200 HA-800A-6C-200 HA-800B-6C-200 HA-800C-6C-200
17 200 HA-800A-3A-200 HA-800B-3A-200 HA-800C-3A-200
25 200 HA-800A-3A-200 HA-800B-3A-200 HA-800C-3A-200
32 200 HA-800A-6A-200 HA-800B-6A-200 HA-800C-6A-200
40 200 HA-800A-6A-200 HA-800B-6A-200 HA-800C-6A-200
17 100 HA-800A-3C-100 HA-800B-3C-100 HA-800C-3C-100
25 100 HA-800A-6C-100 HA-800B-6C-100 HA-800C-6C-100
32 100 HA-800A-6C-100 HA-800B-6C-100 HA-800C-6C-100
17 100 HA-800A-3A-100 HA-800B-3A-100 HA-800C-3A-100
25 100 HA-800A-6A-100 HA-800B-6A-100 HA-800C-6A-100
32 100 HA-800A-6A-100 HA-800B-6A-100 HA-800C-6A-100
RSF 17 200 HA-800A-3B-100 HA-800B-3B-100 HA-800C-3B-100
RSK/RKF 20 200 HA-800A-3B-100 HA-800B-3B-100 HA-800C-3B-100
25 200 HA-800A-3B-100 HA-800B-3B-100 HA-800C-3B-100
32 200 HA-800A-6B-100 HA-800B-6B-100 HA-800C-6B-100
HMA 08 200 HA-800A-3D/E-200 HA-800B-3D/E-200 HA-800C-3D/E-200
09 100 HA-800A-6D/E-100 HA-800B-6D/E-100 HA-800C-6D/E-100
200 HA-800A-3D/E-200 HA-800B-3D/E-200 HA-800C-3D/E-200
12 200 HA-800A-6D/E-200 HA-800B-6D/E-200 HA-800C-6D/E-200
15 200 HA-800A-24D/E-200 HA-800B-24D/E-200 HA-800C-24D/E-200
21A 200 HA-800A-24D/E-200 HA-800B-24D/E-200 HA-800C-24D/E-200
  • * (INC) denotes incremental encoder and (ABS) denotes absolute encoder.



  1. Model: HA series AC servo driver
  2. Series: 800 series
    • 800A: I/O command type
    • 800B: MECHATROLINK type
    • 800C: CC-Link type
  3. Rated output current:
    • 1:1.5A, 3:3A, 6:6A, 24:24A
  4. Adaptable encoder:
    • A: 13-bit absolute encoder
    • B: 14-wire incremental encoder
    • C: 4-wire wire-saving incremental encoder
    • D: 17-bit absolute encoder
    • E: 17-bit encoding incremental model
  5. Input voltage:
    • 100:AC100V
    • 200:AC200V
  6. Special specification (SP is not affixed on standard products)


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Common Specification

Item/Model HA-800-1 HA-800-3 HA-800-6 HA-800-24
*Rated current 1.5A 3.0A 6.0A 24.0A
*Max. current 4.0A 9.5A 19.0A 55.0A
Input voltage *Main circuit 100 to 115VAC (single phase) or 200 to 230VAC (single phase/3 phase), +10 to -15% 200 to 230VAC (3 phase), +10 to -15%
*Control circuit 100 to 115VAC (single phase) or 200 to 230VAC (single phase), +10 to -15% 200 to 230VAC (single phase), +10 to -15%
Power frequency 50/60Hz
Environmental conditions Operating temperature: 0 to 50℃ Storage temperature:-20 to 65℃
Operating/storage humidity: No condensation at 95%RH or less
Resistance to vibration: 4.9 m/s2 (10 to 55Hz) Shock resistance: 98 m/s2
Atmosphere: No metal powder, dust, oil mist or corrosive gas
Control mode Position control, speed control, torque control (current)
Position command pulse Line collector type: Maximum response frequency 2-pulse train, Single-pulse train: 1MHz, 2-phase pulse train: 200kHz
Open collector type: Maximum response frequency: 200kHz
Motor terminals 3 channels, motor rotation speed, current command, general-purpose output (parameter selection)
Regenerative processing Comes with an external regenerative resistor mounting terminal
Comes with a regenerative resistor and external regenerative resistor mounting terminal
Regenerative resistor absorption power 3W Max 8W Max 90W Max
Surge-current prevention function Incorporated (CPU control based on monitoring of main circuit voltage)
Mass 1kg 1.2kg 5.8kg
CAD data
800A DXF file DXF file DXF file DXF file
800B DXF file DXF file DXF file DXF file
800C DXF file DXF file DXF file DXF file
  • * Set according to the specification of the combined actuator.

HA-800 (MECHATROLINK-II type) Communication Specification

Item Specifications
Transmission rate 10Mbps 
Maximum transmission distance 50m
Minimum inter-station distance 0.5m
Transmission medium 2-core twisted pair cable with shield
Number of mobile units connected Maximum 30 slave stations
Topology Bus
Communication cycle 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4, 5 ms
Communication method Fully synchronized master/slave communication
Coding Manchester encoding
Data length 17 bytes or 32 bytes, selectable
Total number of connections *1 Maximum 30 units
  • *1 When 17 or more units communicate with one another or 16 units are connected over the total extension distance of 30m or more, repeaters are required.
    The maximum connectable number of units is limited by the communication cycle, retry count and other settings.
    For details, refer to the MECHATROLINK Members Association's web site.
  • *2 For the host controller, use the MP series by YASKAWA Electric Corporation or KV-ML16V by Keyence Corporation.
  • *3 Be sure to use a dedicated communication cable. Do not use any commercial USB cables.

HA-800 CC-Link type Communication Specification

Item Specifications
Station type Remote device station
Applicable CC-link version Ver1.10
Communication speed 10M/5M/2.5M/625K/156Kbps
Communication method Broad cast polling method
Synchronous method Frame synchronous method
Encoding method NRZI
Transmission channel type Bus type (EIA RS-485 compliant)
Error control method CRC (X16+X12+X5+1)
Connection cable Cable for CC-Link Ver1.10 (3-core twisted pair cable with shield)
Transmission format HDLC-compliant
Remote station number 1 to 64
Number of exclusive stations Single station/2-station
*Cable length Communication speed 156kbps 625kbps 2.5Mbps 5Mbps 10Mbps 
Maximum cable extension 1200m 900m 400m 160m 100m
Cable length between stations 0.2m or more
Total number of connections Up to 42 remote device stations can be shared with other devices.

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