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Servo Driver HA-680 Series AC Servo Driver


  • Small and compact design
  • MECHATROLINK-II for Open Field Network
  • Simple function settings by PC

Rotary Actuator / HA-680 Series Combination Table

Series Model No. Power supply
Combined driver
General purpose I/O command type MECHATROLINK-II type
FHA-C mini 8 24 HA-680-4-24 HA-680-ML-4-24
11 24 HA-680-4-24 HA-680-ML-4-24
14 24 HA-680-6-24 HA-680-ML-6-24
RSF supermini 3 24 HA-680-4B-24 HA-680ML-4B-24
5 24 HA-680-4B-24 HA-680ML-4B-24
RSF-B mini 8 24 HA-680-4B-24 HA-680ML-4B-24
11 24 HA-680-6B-24 HA-680ML-6B-24
14 24 HA-680-6B-24 HA-680ML-6B-24


HA(1)—680(2) ML(3)—4(4)*(5)—24(6)—S***(7)

  1. Model: HA series AC servo driver
  2. Series: 680 series
  3. 680: I/O command type
    680ML: MECHTROLINK type
  4. Rated output current: 4:4A, 6: 6A
  5. Corresponding sign:
    No description For 24VAC FHA-C mini type (FHA-8C, 11C, and 14C)
    B For RSF supermini series (RSF-3C and 5B)
    For RSF-B mini series (RSF-8B, 11B, and 14B)
  6. 24:DC24V
  7. Adjustment model control No.: Applicable to 680ML only (MECHTROLINK type)


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Servo Driver Model: HA-680 AC Servo Driver (24 VDC power supply)

Item/Model HA-680-4-24 HA-680-6-24
*Rated current 1.8A 3.9A 6.0A
*Max. current 3.4A 8.4A 16.5A
Input voltage *Main circuit 24VDC (20 to 28V)
*Control circuit 24VDC (20 to 28V)
Control method Sinusoidal PWM control, Switching frequency 12.5kHz
Control mode Position control, speed control, torque control (current)
Mass 230g
CAD data

Cover image

680 DXF file
680ML DXF file
  • * Set according to the specification of the combined actuator.

Servo Driver Model: HA-680ML/AC Servo Driver (24 VDC power supply)

Model HA-680ML-4-24
Supply voltage Control circuit power (CP) 24VDC (20 to 28V)
Main circuit power (MP) 24VDC (20 to 28V)
Control method Sinusoidal PWM control, Switching frequency 12.5kHz
Encoder 4-wire specification serial transmission method
Line driver input
14-wire specification
Line driver input
Input/output signal DI: 5 points (insulated by opt-isolators)
ML:DO:4 points (insulated by opt-isolators) / CL:DO: 5 points (insulated by opt-isolators)
Encoder monitor Phase-A, B, Z line driver output
Control mode Position control
Mass HA-680ML:260g
  • * This driver sets parameters in accordance with the combined actuator. It cannot be used with any actuators other than the one that has been set.

HA-680ML (MECHATROLINK type) Communication Specification

Item/Model Specifications
Transmission rate 10Mbps 
Maximum transmission distance 50m
Minimum inter-station distance 0.5m
Transmission medium 2-core twisted pair cable with shield
Maximum number of slave connections Maximum 30 slave stations
Topology Bus
Transmission cycle 1,2,3,4,5ms
Communication method Fully synchronized master/slave communication
Coding Manchester encoding
No. of transfer bytes (data parts) 17 bytes or 32 bytes, selectable (unmixed)
*Maximum number of slave connections Maximum 30 units

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