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Direct Drive Motor KDU Series Direct Drive Motor


  • Super high resolution
    • Resolution: 11,840,000 pulses/revolution
  • High accuracy
    • Absolute position accuracy: 10arc sec
    • Repeatability: ±0.5arc sec
  • Stopping stability
    • Stopping stability during servolock: within ±2 pulse (±0.22arc sec)
  • Large hollow diameter
    • Motor outer diameter: φ130mm
    • Hollow opening diameter: φ50mm
  • Mechanical accuracy
    • Output side surface runout: 2μm

Commercial Applications


The KDU Series Direct Drive Motor functions in combination with the HA-770 AC Servo Driver.
The model names for the system and how to read the symbols are explained below.
When ordering, do so using the following model names.


  1. Motor model: KDU Series Direct Drive Motor
    • KDU-13SB:KDU-13SB-E10
    • KDU-13WB:KDU-13WB-E10
  2. System designation: Combined with the HA-770-2 AC Servo Driver
  3. Input voltage
    • 100:AC100V
    • 200:AC200V
  4. Specification symbol
    • No symbol/Standard specification product
    • SP/Special specification product

Rated Table

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Item/Motor model KDU-13SB KDU-13WB
Maximum torque Note 2 N・m 7.0 15
Max. rotational speed r/min 127
Torque constant N・m/A 3.1 6.5
Input power supply V AC100/AC200
Inertia moment (GD2/4) kg-m2 0.0047 0.0065
Moment stiffness N・m/rad 2.4X105
Motor position detector pulse/rev Incremental encoder
Square wave of Phases A and B: 11,840,000 Pulse signal of Phase Z
Repeatability: Note 3 arc-sec ±0.5
Absolute position accuracy: Note 3 arc-sec 10 (angular position correction): Note 4
Mass kg 4.0 5.0
Mounting direction Output shaft facing up
Combined driver HA-770-2
CAD data   DXF file DXF file
  • Note 1 The table shows the values for the output shaft.
  • Note 2 The values in the table are obtained when connected to the HA-770 Servo Driver
  • Note 3 The values for repeatability and absolute position accuracy are measured with the mounting direction of the output shaft facing up, and in an environment at a temperature of 23±0.3℃, with 50% humidity.
    Contact us if you will use in environmental conditions other than those stated.
  • Note 4 The values after the angular position of each motor for the HA-770 Servo Driver are corrected.

Servo driver specification

HA-770 Series for Direct Drive Motor

Model HA-770-2
Rated current 1.8A
Max. current 10A
Input voltage 100 to 115VAC (single phase), +10% to -15% 50/60Hz
200 to 230VAC (single phase), +10 to -15% 50/60Hz
Position command pulse Line collector type: Maximum response frequency 2-pulse train,
Single-pulse train:1MHz 2-phase pulse train: 200kHz
Control method Sinusoidal PWM control, Switching frequency 25kHz
Control mode Position control
Mass 0.8kg
CAD data DXF file

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