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Linear Actuator LA Series Linear Actuator


  • Max. driving force: 49N (5kgf)
  • Resolution: 0.0174μm
  • Stroke: 10mm, 30mm
  • Maximum feed speed: 0.9mm/s
  • Repeatability: ±0.1μm/1mm stroke
  • Lost motion: 5μm/1mm stroke
  • The drive motor can be changed to a stepping motor.

The LA series is a small-sized linear actuator with high resolution and high driving force. This series delivers a maximum driving force 49N, 0.0174μm of resolution, and high precision.

Commercial Applications



  1. Model: LA series
  2. Size: 30, 32
  3. Version symbol
  4. Stroke (mm): 10(LA-30B-10-F), 30 (LA-32-30-F)
  5. Mounting type: F: Flange mounting type
  6. Drive motor
    • Abbreviation: DC servo motor drive (Open collector type)
    • L: DC servo motor drive (Line collector type)
  7. Special specification (SP is not affixed on standard products)

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Item/Model LA-30B-10-F LA-32-30-F
Resolution 0.0174μm
Stroke 10mm 30mm
Max. driving force 50N (5kgf)
Repeatability ±0.1μm or less/1mm stroke
Positional accuracy
Lost motion 5μm or less/1mm stroke
Drive motor DC servo motor
Mass 320g 550g
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