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Planet Gear HarmonicPlanetary® Speed Reducer HPF Series Unit Type (Hollow structure unit)


  • Hollow structure
    • Coaxial input/output shaft
  • High-speed
    • Max. rotational speed 500 r/min (No.25), 430 r/min (No.32)
  • Model No.: 2 types: No. 25, No.32, Reduction ratio: 1 type: 1/11

Featuring the excellent performance and characteristics inherited from the HPG series, a new gearbox has been created with the advantage of a new hollow shaft structure. The input and output shafts are coaxial resulting in a compact design, enabling the versatile needs of the customers to be achieved such as allowing piping, wiring or even a laser beam to pass through the unit or to drive a ball screw.

Commercial Applications



  1. Model: HPF series
  2. Model Nos.: 25, 32
  3. Version symbol:
  4. Reduction ratio: 11
  5. Output shaft shape:
    • F0 = Flange output
  6. Input shaft shape:
    • U1 = Input side flange type

Rated Table

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Item/Model HPF-25A-11-F0U1 HPF-32A-11-F0U1
Reduction ratio 11
Hollow diameter mm φ25 φ30
Rated output torque Nm 21 44
Average load torque Nm 48 100
Peak torque at start and stop Nm 100 220
Max. momentary torque Nm 170 450
Permissible average input rotational speed (Note 1) r/min 3000
Max. input rotational speed r/min 5600 4800
Inertia moment (input shaft conversion value) x 10-4kgm2 1.63 3.84
Mass kg 3.8 7.2
Backlash arc min 3.0
x 10-4rad 8.7
Torsional quantity D at TRx0.15 (Note 2) arc min 2.0 1.7
x 10-4rad 5.8 4.9
Torsional rigidity A/B (Note 2) kgfm/arc min 1.7 3.5
x 100Nm/rad 570 1173
Angle transmission error arc min 4.0
x 10-4rad 11.6
Repeatability arc sec ±15
Starting torque cNm 59 75
Overdrive starting torque Nm 6.5 8.3
No-load running torque cNm 78 105
(Room temperature, 3000 r/min input)
Efficiency % 70 80
(at rated output, room temperature,
3000 r/min input)
Compatibility motor kW 0.5 to 1.0 0.75 to 2.0
(Rated 3000 r/min reference value) (Note 3)
Lubrication grease (sealed) Epnoc grease AP (N)2
CAD data

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DXF file DXF file
  • Note 1 The permissible average input rotational speed has been set in order to control temperature increases due to heat generation by the speed reducer.
    Rises in temperature will vary depending on the heat dissipation parameters for the speed reducer housing you are using and on the ambient temperature.
    Consider 70℃ to be roughly the maximum surface temperature of the speed reducer.
    For model No. 32 in particular, pay close attention to the amount the temperature increases as a result of heat build-up. Cool as needed
    or drop the average output rotational speed by setting the run pattern.
  • Note 2 Refer to the manual of the HarmonicPlanetary® HPG planetary speed reducer catalog for more information.
  • Note 3 The upper limit (peak torque at start and stop of the speed reducer) = motor peak torque. The lower limit is theoretical reference value from the speed reducer efficiency characteristics.
    Please contact us for details.

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