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HarmonicDrive® Speed Reducer for Space HarmonicDrive® for Space

Differences from standard products

A JAXA registered product created based on development specifications from JAXA (Japan Space Agency).

  1. Material: Stainless (the bearing ball-cage is made from oil-impregnated bakelite)
  2. Lightweight
  3. Hollow structure capable of letting light or cable through
  4. Lubrication: Space vacuum grease and oil designed for use in space (lubricated by the customer)
  5. Implementation of traceability management for space

Main Application

  • Solar array wing drive mechanism
  • Antenna, pointing mechanism
  • Robot arm joint and other rotary drive mechanisms



  1. Model: SHF series
  2. Model No.: 20
  3. Reduction ratio: 160
  4. Model: 2A-GR = Component type
  5. Specification: SP = Special specification
  • * Product registration is based on the JAXA development specification "SHF-20-160-2A-GR-SP".
    Other model nos. and reduction ratios are not included in the product registration.

Main Specifications

Registration No. GDM002
JAXA specification sheet number JX-ESPC-100190
Specifications Model no. format SHF-20-160-2A-GR-SP
Reduction ratio 1/160
Size ø82 x 30.4L (mm)
Mass 221g
Starting torque Note 1 3.6cNm or less (23.5℃)
Spring constant Note 1 1.38 x 104 Nm/rad or more (output side load torque: 7.0Nm)
Angle transmission accuracy Note 1 30arc-sec or less
Efficiency Note 1 50% or more (23.5℃)
(grease application (very small quantity), load torque: 10Nm, input shaft rotational speed: 50rpm)
Permissible maximum momentary torque Note 1 92Nm
Lubrication Hydrocarbon-based synthetic oil, grease, etc.
Corresponding environmental conditions (1) Mechanical characteristics test
  1. Random vibration

    a. Vibration level X-, Y-, Z-axes 5-2000Hz 21Gms

    b. Excitation time: one time every 3 minutes on the X-, Y-, Z-axes

  2. Sine wave vibration

    a. Vibration level X-, Y-, Z-axes 10-100Hz 25G

    b. Excitation time: 2 shaft of the X-, Z-axes

(2) Heat and vacuum characteristics test
  1. Temperature cycle: High temp. +80+5/-0℃, low temp. -10+0/-5℃

    8 cycle
    temperature retention high/low temperature: 1 hour

  2. Degree of vacuum: 10-4Pa or less
  • *1 The values based on the qualification test of the JAXA development specification. Values may be different than those in the catalog listings for the standard products.

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