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We have continued to carry out our work surrounded by rich natural beauty, in our location nestled against the Hotaka mountain range with its ever-changing expressions.

The year 2000, when we celebrated the 30th anniversary of our founding, was a new departure point as we aimed for a higher level of creativity and refinement in our work befitting the 21st century.

Read a sketch of the life of one of Japan's leading post-war sculptors, the highly innovative Yoshikuni Iida, including a list of his exhibits, awards, and works.

Learn about the TRIAD, a cluster of three buildings on the site of our Hotaka Plant and designed by Maki and Associates.

See an overview of IIDA KAN, located in the natural environment of Hotaka with its abundant snowfall, and featuring a twin-leaf roof that has no gutters but is structured so that rainfall descends in one place. It was designed by Maki and Associates.

Find out the days and times when the gallery is open and how to reach it by transportation. It is open to the public free of charge.