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We have continued to carry out our work surrounded by rich natural beauty, in our location nestled against the Hotaka mountain range with its ever-changing expressions.

The year 2000, when we celebrated the 30th anniversary of our founding, was a new departure point as we aimed for a higher level of creativity and refinement in our work befitting the 21st century. In our pursuit of a higher order of precision and the technologies to that end, a strong will and rich sensitivity are essential. We wanted to build a place where we can go in search of such traits. Out of that wish came the birth of IIDA KAN.

The IIDA KAN gallery houses a permanent exhibit of the works of Yoshikuni Iida.

Known as an innovative sculptor representative of post-war Japan, and further as a unique poet and an art critic with a discerning eye, Iida's starting point as an artist are his oil paintings. Highlighting the gallery's holdings and exhibits are Iida's youthful paintings from the 1950s and his SCREEN-CANYON, a 1983 sculpture.

We hope the exhibits at IIDA KAN will enable us to share the strong will and sensitivity behind Iida's creativity with many people.

Aug. 1, 2017
Yoshinori Ito, Executive Officer
(In charge of Administration and Human Resource)

Yoshikuni Iida Sculpture
Early Spring