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In 2000, in commemoration of our 30th anniversary and to enable the pursuit of a higher order of perfection in the field of motion control, a cluster of three buildings was erected on the Hotaka Plant grounds. It comprises a research wing built as a prototype production and measurement environment (later named I.K KAN), an art gallery (later named IIDA KAN) for heightening the sensitivity of those engaged in technology development, and a guardhouse with advanced security functions.

Blending into the rich natural beauty of Hotaka while enveloping the advanced technical requirements in innovative forms, the buildings were given the name TRIAD (which includes the meaning of a three-note chord in musical harmony) by Fumihiko Maki of Maki and Associates, responsible for the design and supervision.

TRIAD Layout / (1) I.K KAN (research wing) / (2) IIDA KAN (gallary) / (3) Guardhouse


TRIAD mock-up