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LSA Series Optical Galvano Scanner


  • Stable, high-speed driving of large loads
  • Excellent temperature stability even without heater
  • Angle sensor that's resistant to external ambience
  • Stable motion that's resistant to noise
  • Excellent linearity

The LSA series are Galvano mirror type optical scanners capable of scanning at high speed and with high accuracy by employing a newly developed optical sensor and our unique mobile magnet type motors.
Combined with a dedicated driver, the optical galvano scanner smoothly performs continuous scanning, random access and other operations according to instructions from the user.

Commercial Applications



  1. Scanner model
  2. System designation
  3. Combined driver model PSM-130
  4. Specification symbol
  5. Special specification (SP is not affixed on standard products)

Rated Table

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Model LSA-10A-30
Maximum angular runout (Degree) ±15
Torque constant (N·m/A) 0.0077
Sensor linearity (at full scale) (%) ±0.06
Scale drift (%/℃) 0.005
Position reproducibility (μrad) 5
(Removal offset/scale drift)
Mass (g) 180
Combined driver   PSM-130
CAD data

Note: For details on dimensions and shape, check the illustrated specifications issued by Harmonic Drive Systems, Inc.
You can download the "Drive condition form" of the catalog here in PDF format.

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