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Typical Applications

Move the cursor over the numbered images to see some examples of HDS Group product applications.

1 Navigation system

Photo courtney of Airbus SAS

Airbus is a World Leading Aircraft Manufacturer. The navigation system that guides the safe flight of its airplanes uses the HarmonicDrive®.

2 Subaru is large-scale optical-infrared telescope atop Mauna Kea, Hawaii.

Photo courtesy of
National Institutes of
Natural Sciences and
National Astronomical
Observatory of Japan

The main mirror at the heart of the telescope has an effective diameter of 8.2m. To keep distortion within 0.1μm,264 actuators press the main mirror from the back. These are equipped with our HarmonicDrive® and AccuDrive® products. The telescope is peering 13billion light-years into space attempting to solve the mysteries of the birth of the universe.

3 Semiconductor wafer transport robot

Photo courtesy
of Daihen corporation

With its numerous advantages including compact size, high accuracy, high rigidity, smooth movement and long life, the AccuDrive® and HarmonicDrive® are used in clean room robots.

4 Industrial robot

The HarmonicDrive® with its compact size, light weight, and high accuracy is used in the joints of industrial robots. These robots, which have to perform repeated actions accurately and without rest, support manufacturing in consumer electronics plants, car factories and other facilities around the world.

5 Automobiles

The light, compact, and highly reliable HarmonicDrive® is embedded in the parts of luxury automobiles, for safer and more comfortable traveling.

6 Neurosurgical system

Photo courtesy of
Carl Zeiss, Germany

A surgical system demands accurate movement abone all. The HarmonicDrive® supports positioning control of the utmost precision.

7 Space satellites

Photo courtesy of
Japan Aerospace
Exploration Agency(JAXA)

The HarmonicDrive® is at work in solar panel positioning and attitude control systems and in their drive mechanisms. The HarmonicDrive® products used in space incorporate considerable materials and structural know-how for enduring the harsh conditions over long time periods.

8 Broadcasting equipment

A robot camera incorporating the HarmonicDrive® is used for sports broadcasting and filming in TV studios. The wheel-driven design enables free movement, faithfully reproducing the actions of a human operator.

9 Drill steering system for oil and gas industries

Photo courtesy of Halliburton /
Sperry Drilling Services

The HarmonicDrive® is uesd in a steerable system that guides the drill bit for fast and accurate drilling of oil or gas wells. Because this steerable system enables accurate drilling through the rock, structure surrounding oil or gas, it contributes to higher well productivity.

10 Small robot finger module

Photo courtesy of
Ishikawa Laboratory
Graduate School of
the University of Tokyo

A robot hand capable of catching a falling ball (at a rate of around 4m/s) in its fingers uses actuators in each joint equipped with a HarmonicDrive®. We are working closely with universities and research institutes aimed at opening up the future of motion control.

11 Security cameras

The compact size, light weight, and high precision of the HarmonicDrive® make it the choice for use in the driving unit (swivel head) of security cameras. Smooth and accurate movement helps ensure high-quality images.

12 ASIMO humanoid robot

Photo courtesy of
Honda Motor Co. Ltd.

The robot's arms and legs use our HarmonicDrive®. New generations of robots are moving ever closer to human beings.