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Our Business Domain: Business Model

The business area of the HDS Group is providing the value of total motion control in the precision control field.

Total Motion Control

As a technology and skills team providing total motion control, the HDS Group merges the technologies making up total motion control with the human resources of our engineers and skilled technicians to deliver the products that enable the kind of motion customers want.
Combining the HarmonicDrive®, AccuDrive®, and HarmonicPlanetary® high-precision speed reducers with actuators made of motors, sensors and other parts, as well as the drivers, controllers, and other system elements for drawing out their top performance, we provide high-added-value products with clear advantages over competing products.


The HDS Group offers two main kinds of product lineups. One is mechatronics products providing motion control by integrating speed reducers, motors, sensors, drivers, controllers and other system elements. The other is our lineup of standalone speed reducers including the HarmonicDrive® precision reducers and the AccuDrive® and HarmonicPlanetary® planetary speed reducers.


Products that combine speed reducers, motors, sensors, drivers, controllers and other system elements to provide the motion desired by customers are called mechatronics products. Mechatronics products are specific embodiments of the total motion control that is the business domain of the HDS Group. The mechatronics products of the HDS Group have gained a distinctive position in the market, benefiting from the synergies of our highly competitive HarmonicDrive® and the AccuDrive® and HarmonicPlanetary® planetary speed reducers with original motors, sensors, and control technologies for maximizing their performance and unique features. They are mainly used in semiconductor manufacturing equipment and other leading-edge applications.

Speed Reducers

This speed reducer applies the elastic dynamics of metal to make possible precise positioning. Consisting of just three components, it achieves a high speed reduction ratio (from 1/30 to 1/320 of standard reducers), and can maintain highly precise positioning due to the absence of clearance where the teeth engage. It is used in many different applications including industrial robots requiring high positioning accuracy and aerospace-related equipment where compact size and light weight are needed.

AccuDrive®, HarmonicPlanetary®
This high-precision, high-rigidity planetary speed reducer brings to low speed reduction ratio applications in the 1/3 to 1/45 range the same precision processing technological know-how that goes into the HarmonicDrive®. It achieves high rotational accuracy with an original backlash-prevention mechanism. The broad range of applications include industrial robots and machine tools.

Consolidated Sales Structure by Product Types for Fiscal 2020 Millions of yen Mechatronics 7,714 Speed Reducers 29,319 Consolidated Net Sales 37,034

Product Applications

HDS Group products are known especially for their compact size, light weight, and high precision. They are therefore widely used in application fields that demand these advantages. Typical uses include industrial robots, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and flat panel display manufacturing equipment. Other areas are oil drilling equipment, optical instruments, printers, machine tools, aviation and space-related equipment, and medical equipment.

Turnover(%) by Application Fields for Fiscal 2020 (Non-consolidated basis) Robotics 54.0% Semiconductor equipment 11.5% Flat panel display equipment 3.2% Gearbox for motor manufactures 5.5% Machine tools 4.8% Optical devices 2.7% Excavation system for the oil 0.9% Measuring machines 1.0% Printing machines 0.3% Transporter 0.2% Others* 15.9% Note: including parts and materials for US subsidiary and German affiliate

Looking ahead, we are seeking to expand their application to such areas as industrial offline robots, next-generation production equipment where compact size and space-saving trends are growing, aviation and space-related systems, medical equipment with increased needs for more accurate tests and treatment techniques, service robots that are nearing practical use as research and prototyping efforts are stepped up, and the environment and energy fields centering on solar heating.

Application Areas For Future Expansion Demand Environment and energy Service robots Medical equipment Aviation and space Next-generation production equipment Today's production equipment  (based on existing production methods) Present day  Time

Regional Markets

The HDS Group is made up of Harmonic Drive Systems Inc. and ten consolidated subsidiaries as well as one equity method affiliates for a total of eleven companies. They are engaged chiefly in the development, production, and sales of precision speed reducers and mechatronics products in which they are used. The main regional markets for HDS Group products are Japan and Asia, North America, and Europe. Harmonic Drive Systems Inc. is in charge of the markets in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia. The China market is handled mainly by our consolidated subsidiary Harmonic Drive Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., the North American region by consolidated subsidiary Harmonic Drive L.L.C., and markets in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India, and South America by consolidated subsidiary Harmonic Drive SE.

Solutions-based Marketing Organization and Quality Assurance Structure

A feature of the HDS Group is build-to-order manufacturing, in line with customer specifications. For this reason our sales, development, and production divisions are part of an integrated organization for responding to customer requirements. By proposing optimum solutions we are also working to develop new markets and new applications.
Our quality assurance division is responsible for improving and raising quality in all aspects of products from development of our branded products to production and service.

Quality assurance Quality assurance division Sales Harmonic DriveSystems Inc. Taiwan RepresentativeOffice Room Kyushu Office Kansai Office Kohshin Office Chubu Office Tokyo Office Sales StrategyDivision Engineering andDevelopment Developmentand EngineeringDivision HarmonicDrive GearingLaboratory Silicon Valley Office New Principle Mechanism Laboratory Production ProductionDivision Producution Technologyand Supply Chain Division Production Technology Division Production Planning Division GroupCompanies SAMICK ADM CO., LTD. Harmonic AD Inc. Harmonic Precision Inc. HD Logistics Inc. Winbel Co., Ltd. Ome Iron CastingCo., Ltd. Harmonic Drive SE Harmonic Drive Systems (Shanghai) Harmonic Drive L.L.C. Gloval Production Charge Section