FAQs (Investor Relations)

General Information about Harmonic Drive Systems Inc.

  • Q1 When did HDSI go public?

    HDSI went public in March 1998.

    HDSI stock was registered on the over-the-counter market of the Japan Securities Dealers Association in March 1998.
    HDSI stock was subsequently listed on the JASDAQ Securities Exchange when it opened in December 2004.

    HDSI stock was listed on the Hercules market to the Osaka Securities Exchange, with the integration of the Exchange JASDAQ market and NEO market, listed its shares on the Osaka Securities Exchange on October, 2010.
    With the integration of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the spot market of the Osaka Securities Exchange, listed on the stock on the Tokyo Stock Exchange JASDAQ (standard).on July, 2013.

  • Q2 When was HDSI established?

    HDSI was established in October 1970.

  • Q3 Where can I find general information about HDSI ?

    HDSI's profile, which includes information about the capital stock, the number of employees and more, is available at "Corporate Information."

  • Q4 Please tell me about HDSI's history.

    Please refer to "History."

  • Q5 How many subsidiaries and affiliates does HDSI have?

    HDSI has six affiliated companies in Japan, two in the U.S., one in China, one in Korea and one in Germany.

    For more information about subsidiaries and affiliates, please refer to "Group Companies."

  • Q6 What is HDSI's management philosophy?

    HDSI's management philosophy includes four aspects:

    1. Respect for the Individual
    2. A Meaningful Company
    3. Coexistence and Co-prosperity
    4. Contribution to Society

    For details, please refer to "Management Philosophy."

  • Q7 When does HDSI's fiscal year end?

    HDSI's fiscal year ends on March 31.

  • Q8 Please tell me about HarmonicDrive®

    The HarmonicDrive® is a type of gears known generically as strain wave gearing.

    A gear is a mechanical device that transmits motion by meshing its teeth with another toothed part. The HarmonicDrive® products manufactured and sold by the HDS Group are speed reducers based on principles different from those on which conventional gears are based. In addition to the basic functions of reducing speed and increasing torque, HarmonicDrive® products offer high positional and rotational accuracy and other superb characteristics.

    • * HarmonicDrive® is as registered trademark of Harmonic Drive Systems Inc. and its use is restricted to products manufactured and sold by the HDS Group.

    For details, please refer to the "Principles of HarmonicDrive®"
    where an animation of the movements is also available for viewing.
    Please also refer to "Speed Reducers" and "Strengths of HarmonicDrive®."

  • Q9 Where is the HarmonicDrive® used?

    HarmonicDrive® products are used in diverse fields, ranging from industrial robots, medical equipment, optical devices, printing equipment, space development, to oil-drilling rigs.

    In the industrial robot field, HarmonicDrive® products are used in robots used for assembly, welding, coating is to work side by side with people who can(co-bot), etc. and in transfer robots for semiconductor wafers and LCD panels. In the space development field, HarmonicDrive® products are used in NASA's Mars Exploration Rovers.
    HarmonicDrive® products are also used in the field of astronomy. They are built into the large telescope "Subaru" installed on Mt. Mauna Kea in Hawaii

    For more information,please refer to "Product Applications", "Typical Applications", "Product Information"

Financial Results

HDSI Stock

  • Q1 How much will the dividend be for the current year?

    Please refer to "Dividends and Shareholder Return."

  • Q2 How much was the dividend for the previous year?

    Please refer to "Dividends and Shareholder Return."

  • Q3 Where is HDSI listed?

    HDSI is listed on the Tokyo Securities Exchange JASDAQ (Standard).

  • Q4 How many shares of the HDSI stock are outstanding?

    The number of shares outstanding amounts to 96,315,400 shares.

  • Q5 When is the record date for dividend payment?

    The record date for dividend of surplus is March 31. The record date for interim dividend, if applicable, is September 30.

    The dividend is payable to shareholders listed or recorded on the shareholder register as of the date stated above or registered pledgees.
    For details, please refer to "General Stock Information."

  • Q6 What is the contact for stock-related administrative procedures, such as the change of address and request for bank transfer for dividend?

    Please refer to "Stock Procedure Information."

  • Q7 Validity of the "postal transfer payment advice" has expired. What should I do?

    Please request the payment by the following method A or B.

    • A. Please press your registered seal on the "postal transfer payment advice" and take it to the transfer agent or the handling office.
    • B. Please specify the method of payment on the back of the "postal transfer payment advice," place your registered seal on it and send it to the transfer agent.
    • * Pursuant to the provision of the Articles of Incorporation, the Company cannot pay a dividend that was not claimed within three years from the date of commencement of payment. We request our shareholders to claim the dividend in a timely manner.
  • Q8 What is the securities code of Harmonic Drive Systems Inc.?

    The securities code for Harmonic Drive Systems Inc. is 6324.

  • Q9 How many shares constitute one tradable unit of stock?

    The number of shares constituting one tradable unit of stock is 100 shares.

  • Q10 Who are the main shareholders of HDSI?

    Please refer to "Shareholder Composition."

  • Q11 What is HDSI's dividend policy?

    HDSI's fundamental dividend policy is to maintain an annual dividend payout ratio of 30% (30% of consolidated net income).

    HDSI determines the return to shareholders through comprehensive consideration of dividend continuity and the maintenance of sufficient internal reserves, as well as the fundamental dividend policy.

  • Q12 Who is the transfer agent?

    HDSI's transfer agent is Mizuho Trust & Banking Co., Ltd.

  • Q13 When is the General Meeting of Shareholders held?

    Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders is held in June each year.

  • Q14 Does HDSI have a shareholder benefit program?

    At the present, HDSI does not have a shareholder benefit program.

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