Research & Development Policies

The ideal driving the research and development by the HDS Group is to provide more advanced motion control.
To that end, in our R&D we carry out both research and development on next-generation technologies and also development and design tailored to customer needs, as we seek to cultivate and expand core technologies with an eye to the future, while improving our ability to provide solutions for today. We also devote considerable R&D efforts to production technology, in the form of engineering methods and equipment as manufacturing know-how necessary for production.
The HDS Group has two types of product lineups. One is speed reducers, where further advances can be expected as a result of R&D on the principles, mechanisms, and fundamental technology. The second is mechatronics products, where R&D based on problem-solving enables us to provide customers with better products.
R&D in the speed reducer area is aimed primarily at realizing mechanisms that are smaller and lighter with higher precision and higher torque capacity. In the mechatronics products area, we seek to advance motor control technology by applying the results gained in the speed reducer field and our original technologies of motors, sensors, and control systems to the R&D of various actuators and controllers.

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