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ProductDetail SHA Series
SHA Series / AC Servo Actuator / Hollow Shaft & Flat Type
An AC servo actuator that combines a dedicated flat AC servo motor design with Harmonic Drive®. This series features a flat, hollow bore structure, which can simplify the overall structure of machinery and equipment. You can select either the SHA-SG type that features a compact shape, or the SHA-CG type with an improved output shaft surface runout accuracy.
ProductDetail FHA-C Series
FHA-C Series / AC Servo Actuator / Hollow Shaft & Flat Type
FHA-C Series AC servo actuators are ultra flat. They are incomparably thin and feature a hollow structure. These actuators play an important role in driving various factory automation (FA) equipment, such as robot joints, alignment mechanisms for semi-conductor and LCD devices, ATC of metal-cutting machines, and printing machine roller drive.
ProductDetail KDU Series
KDU,HA-770 Series / Direct Drive Motor & Servo Driver / High Accuracy Type
The KDU Series of direct drive motors have a super high resolution of 11,840,000 pulses per revolution. Features include high precision positioning - absolute position accuracy of 10s and highly accurate repeatability of ±0.5s - and a large diameter hollow structure.

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