Initiatives on Behalf of Customers

Basic policy on customers initiatives

With unending R&D and top priority on quality as the foundations of our management, the HDS Group adopts the basic policies of creating compelling products that can win customer satisfaction and providing services from the standpoint of customers.

Quality Assurance

Quality Policy (Quality Management System)

In our business area of total motion control and based on our quality management system, the HDS Group strives for greater efficiency of operations and higher quality in processes, from initial contacts to development, design, production, shipment, and service, so as to achieve value-added manufacturing and greater customer satisfaction.

  1. In order to meet customer demands and develop new markets, we actively carry out R&D and endeavor to create new value.
  2. Through process innovation designed to simplify our quality management system and achieve more efficient operations, we aim to reduce processing time and shorten delivery time.
  3. Quality targets are set and each division draws up action plans for achieving them, for overall quality improvement.
  4. Adopting the 5S quality improvement methodology,* we strive to improve the working and operations environment, keep facilities in top condition, and maintain/improve quality.
  5. From the standpoint of "learning and growth perspectives" indicated on the strategy map, we carry out systematic education for developing human resources (people as assets).
  • * 5S refers to the Japanese words seiri, seiton, seiso, seiketsu, and shitsuke, which can be translated as sorting, simplifying, sweeping, standardizing, and self-discipline. For the HDS Group, the 5S concept goes beyond merely keeping a clean work environment. It is the basis of our entire approach to our work and the foundation of corporate reform, a basic philosophy we try to incorporate in all our operations.

Quality Promotion Organization

The Head of Quality Assurance of Harmonic Drive Systems Inc. oversees the quality of HDS branded products in each of the HDS Group companies, making sure the same policies are followed and the same measures are carried out throughout the Group.
In order to raise the quality level of all our branded products in every aspect from development and production to service, the Head of Quality Assurance keeps track of the quality situation in each company through their quality assurance divisions, and receives monthly reports on quality status, including serious quality problems, at regular quality meetings held each month in the Group companies.
In such ways quality information is managed in the HDS Group. In addition, through the quality assurance divisions of each Group company the Head of Quality Assurance guides and oversees our plants, suppliers, and contract manufacturers in Japan and overseas.

ISO 9001 certification obtained

Four of our Group companies, Harmonic Drive Systems Inc., Harmonic AD, Harmonic Precision Inc. and Winbel Corporationopens to a new window have acquired ISO 9001 certification for their quality management systems, as we continue working to maintain and improve the quality assurance system necessary for stable supply of high-quality products. Other Group companies are likewise carrying out quality efforts in compliance with ISO 9001.


Raising Customer Satisfaction

With a management policy that gives highest priority to quality, the HDS Group aims to raise customer satisfaction through the provision of products, systems, and services that meet customer demands and through communication with customers.

Build-to-order flexible manufacturing based on customer specifications

To meet the needs of individual customers, the HDS Group has built a production system designed for build-to-order flexible manufacturing, adaptable to wide diversity and small lot size. As a result, nearly all the products we manufacture incorporate the customer's specifications.

Solution-oriented marketing system

To meet the demands of customers, the HDS Group provides products, systems, and services that take advantage of our technological strength enabling adaption to a diversity of technical requirements. Placing a high value on communication with customers, we work to raise customer satisfaction by solving their problems through new proposals that address the issues they face.

Establishment of a PS department

We have established a PS department to respond to customer questions and requests for repairs. The information obtained in the process is fed back to HDSI and Group companies so that it can be reflected in developing and improving products that meet customer needs and in raising the level of services.

Harmonic Drive International Symposium Series

An international symposium is hosted by HDSI on the overall theme of "motion control." Following the first symposium held in 1991 to mark our 20th anniversary, the event has been held at five-year intervals since then.
Along with customers (company engineers) from around the world, we invite large numbers of experts from universities and research institutes. The program features presentations on the latest technology trends and customer application examples, as well as reports by HDSI about results of research and development being carried out by its engineers.
Out of consideration for the effects of the Great East Japan Earthquake, the 2011 event was not held.

Harmonic Drive International Symposium Series

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