Integrated Report

Integrated Report

HDS REPORT 2023                                                    

All PDF Download for viewing[PDF, 18MB]
All PDF Download for printing[PDF, 20MB]
● Download by Section

Introduction [PDF, 1MB]

・Message from the Chairperson
・Contents / Editorial Policy / Information Disclosure

HDS Group’s Values and Aspirations[PDF, 5MB]

・Values and Aspirations
・Message from the CEO
・Materiality to Achieve Aspirations
・Value Creation Process

Materiality to Achieve Aspirations [PDF, 6MB]

・Interview With Representative Director
・Message From Officer in Charge of Financial Affairs
・Interview With Officer in Charge of Intellectual Capital
・Interview With Chief of Harmonic Drive Laboratory
・Interview With Officer in Charge of Manufacturing Capital
・Interview With Officer in Charge of Domestic Sales
・Interview With Officer in Charge of Overseas Sales
・Corporate History and History of Value Creation
・At a glance
・Financial Highlights
・Sustainability Information Highlights
・Past Medium-Term Management Plans
・Overview of Current Medium-Term Management Plan

Sustainability Supporting Action Strategies[PDF, 4MB]

・Message From Person in Charge of Sustainability Promotion
・Efforts on Global Environment
・Measures to Address Climate Change
・Provision of Products and Services That Meet Customer Expectations
・Message From Officer in Charge of Supply Chains
・Interview With Officer in Charge of Human Resources
・Employee Roundtable Discussion
・Interview With Officer in Charge of Public Relations

Sustainability Management [PDF, 4MB]

・Outside Directors Roundtable Discussion
・Corporate Governance
・Stakeholder Engagement
・Directors and Executives

Data and Company Information [PDF, 3MB]

・Sustainability Data
・Financial Data for the Past 11 Years
・Financial Data
・Global Network
・Corporate overview
・Stock Information

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