Message from the President

In November 2020, Harmonic Drive Systems Inc. celebrated its 50th anniversary.

The company's history is, in a single sentence, one of a company that went all out to develop the current family of HarmonicDrive® products based on the patent filed by C. Walton Musser in 1955. One of our major questions is whether and how this extraordinary invention will survive in the future.

As we celebrate our 50th anniversary, we will consider ourselves as being back at the very beginning again, rethink the roles of our products in the industry and in society, and work on proper manufacturing with QCDS in mind more than ever. We will also improve sustainability and ESG from the viewpoint of "corporate behavior in society.” We will set quantitative targets to achieve this. More importantly, we will change the attitudes of individual employees and instill them in their minds as in a grassroots movement, such as the voluntary improvement activities after the acquisition of ISO certification.

Our management philosophy has established the unchanging goals of "Respect for the Individual," "A Meaningful Company," "Coexistence and Co-prosperity," and "Contribution to Society." Our management philosophy, management policies, and strategy plans make up our management plans, through which we are pursuing Total Motion Control. We will also strive to realize a sustainable society.

Please stay tuned for the future development of Harmonic Drive Systems Inc. We appreciate your continuous support and cooperation.

May. 23, 2021
Akira Nagai

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