Our vision

We at the HDS Group are deeply aware of our social responsibilities toward preserving the global environment as a corporation. Through our pursuit of total motion control, the goal of our business operations, we will provide superior technologies and services to constrain the rate of environmental destruction and strive to protect the global environment.


  1. Develop and provide environment-friendly products through evaluating the environmental impact of our production processes from development to collection/disposal and through developing technology that can contribute to prevent environmental damage.
  2. Continuously raise the level of our environmental management through complying with environmental laws and ordinances, setting our own management targets, and reviewing action plans.
  3. Aim to reduce our environmental impact through efficient use of resources and energy and efforts to reduce wastes and emission and promotion of recycling.
  4. Inform all our Group employees as well as our affiliates and partners of our environmental policy.
  5. Strive to coexist with the communities through participating in environment protection activities.

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