Improvement of electricity use efficiency and reduction of CO2 emissions at Harmonic Drive Systems Hotaka Plant

Key initiatives to improve energy use efficiency at Harmonic Drive Systems Hotaka Plant in FY2020 are as follows.

  1. Improve production efficiency in manufacturing processes
  2. Save power during non-operating hours (holidays, night)
  3. Switch to energy-saving plant facilities and equipment (at time of renewal)
  4. Enforce stricter management of air conditioner usage

Electricity consumption in FY2020 was 8.82GW , up 22.5% YoY. There was no change in electricity consumption per unit of sales.

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CO2 emissions increased 16% YoY in absolute terms due to a sharp rise in the number of production units in the second half, but emissions intensity decreased 7.2% YoY.

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Reduction of industrial emissions and promotion of recycling at Harmonic Drive Systems Hotaka Plant

Total emissions (intensity) increased 24.6% YoY in FY2020. Emissions (actual) increased 53% YoY. The recycling rate has been on a gradual uptrend since FY2009. Compared with FY2019, the intensity increased 0.9ppt per unit. The recycling rate was 97.1% against our target of 99% or higher.

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