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Dividends and Shareholder Return

HDSI's Dividend Policy

At HDSI, our basic policy is to distribute earnings in accordance with operating performance.
While our general dividend policy is to maintain an annual dividend payout ratio of 30% (30% of Net income attibutable to owners of parent), we determine return to shareholders through comprehensive considerations including dividend continuity and the maintenance of sufficient internal reserves.
It is our basic policy to pay two dividends annually, an interim and year-end dividend. The decision regarding the payment of the interim dividend is the responsibility of our Board of Directors, while the decision regarding the
year-end dividend is made by the general meeting of shareholders.
For future business development, internal reserves are mostly invested in such areas as researching and developing new products, expanding and improving production facilities, and upgrading information management systems. Internal reserves are also used for agile execution of capital policies.

The Dividend History

Fiscal year Dividends paid per share (Yen)
FY2020 20.00
FY2019 20.00
FY2018 38.00
FY2017 26.00
FY2016 20.00
FY2015 18.00
FY2014 14.33
FY2013 9.67
FY2012 7.33
FY2011 8.00
FY2010 8.22
FY2009 2.00
FY2008 4.67
FY2007 8.89
FY2006 8.22
FY2005 6.85
FY2004 6.19
FY2003 3.74
FY2002 0.43
FY2001 0.25
FY2000 5.56
FY1999 2.84
FY1998 0.62

The Dividend History Dividends Yen Non-consolidated net income Millions of yen FY1999~FY2020 Dividends paid per share Non-consolidated net income (light axis)

  • * Dividends paid per share for all periods presented have been adjusted stock split retroactively.

Shareholder Benefit Program

At the present, HDSI does not have a shareholder benefit program.

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