28.Simple configuration comparison video

27.Ultra flat, brushless DC actuator FLA wheel demo/universal head demo

26.Ultra flat, high stiffness type CSF-1UP 3-axis arm demo

25.Ultra small 6-axis arm robot

23.Linear 2-axis positioning demo with HPGP Series + rack & pinion

22.Robot arm demo with compact and lightweight 6-axis configuration

21.SHA-CG disk inspection table demo

20.Compact SHA20A 2-axis demo

19.High accuracy positioning demo with 4-axis configuration

18.SHA Series + Mitsubishi MELSERVO-J4

17.High torque HPGP Series planet gear speed reducer

16.Standalone hollow shaft AC servo motor demo

15.Ultra high accuracy table actuator

14.Pan/tilt universal head drive demo

13.HPG Series parallel link robot demo

12.GH Series 6-axis vertical articulated robot demo

11.SHA Series flat hollow shaft AC servo actuator

10.Ultra high reduction ratio Harmonic Drive® demo

09.Compact actuator for next-generation robots

08.KDU Series high accuracy direct drive motor

07.HPG Series input shaft unit

06.HPG Series high performance gear head for servo motors

05.Compact AC servo actuator rock-paper-scissors robot

04.Compact AC servo actuator

03.SHF Series hollow structure unit

02.Multi-shaft system demo for mechatronics products

01.HP Series hollow shaft planetary speed reducers for precision control

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