Group Cooperation

The mission of the HDS Group, as a technology and skills team providing total motion control, is to meet all kinds of motion control needs in the precision control field.
The Group companies cooperate with each other in the fulfillment of this mission by merging the technologies and skills of each individual firm to meet customer needs.

Harmonic AD, Inc.

Manufacture of high-precision, high-rigidity planetary reduction gear

Among the products making up total motion control, precision speed reducers in particular are key components.

The AccuDrive® and HarmonicPlanetary® manufactured by Harmonic AD, Inc. are high-precision, high-rigidity planetary reduction gears taking advantage of HarmonicDrive® precision processing know-how in products with low speed reduction ratios of 1/3 to 1/45.
A planetary reduction gear is a speed reducer with a reduction (multiplier) mechanism in which multiple rotating planet gears orbit a sun gear. It consists of four components: a sun gear, planet gear set, planet carrier (rotating along with the orbiting motion of the planet gears), and ring gear. Able to obtain large reduction (multiplication) with few stages, it can transmit large torque, and the input and output shafts are on the same centerline, among other advantages.

HarmonicPlanetary® applies to the inner gear the thin, elastic gear manufacturing technology developed for the HarmonicDrive®, minimizing backlash to 3arc-min or less (1arc-min or less with specially designed products) without use of an adjustment mechanism. It is used widely in industrial robots, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, machine tools and many other applications.
With our broad lineup including the AccuDrive® and HarmonicPlanetary® covering the low speed reduction area and the HarmonicDrive® for high speed reduction use, the HDS Group is able to meet a wide range of motion control needs.

Harmonic Precision Inc.

Development and manufacture of high-load, high-precision cross roller bearings with superior rotation accuracy

Essential to the smooth rotation of speed reducers and motors is the bearing that supports the rotating shaft. The impact of bearings on performance and shape is particularly great in the case of high-precision actuators and speed reducers used in products such as robots and machine tools.
Harmonic Precision Inc. develops and manufactures high-load-capacity, high-precision cross roller bearings ideal for compact, lightweight, high-precision speed reducers including the HarmonicDrive®, AccuDrive®, and HarmonicPlanetary®.
A cross roller bearing differs from ordinary ball bearings in that it has orthogonally arranged cylindrical rollers, enabling it to bear loads in all directions. Compact size and high rotation accuracy are other features. As a result of long research and production experience, Harmonic Precision has built up original expertise enabling the development and manufacture of distinctive cross roller bearings in the aspects of shape and performance. They are helping to make HDS Group actuators and speed reducers more competitive.

Winbel Co., Ltd.

An edge in developing special-purpose motors

Winbel Co., Ltd., with whom we formed a business and capital alliance in May 2007 for the purpose of strengthening our motor technology, a key to total motion control, is a specialist in motor system engineering and manufacturing with particular strengths in the development and design of special-purpose motors.
Winbel is noted for its motor system solutions, working with customers to create optimal drive systems. Besides providing the right motor system technology for customer products, the company leverages its specialized known-how to offer development, prototyping, and other technical support in the fields of rotary devices and magnetic equipment. Winbel's advanced technology is used in many different HDSI products, and the company plays an important role in developing actuators that are flat, hollow, and highly precise.

Ome Iron Casting Co., Ltd.

An edge in high-grade cast iron materials

Ome Iron Casting Co., Ltd., with whom we formed a business and capital alliance in October 2008, is a materials company specializing in the manufacture of ductile cast iron, a high-strength material with excellent machinability. We are jointly developing new materials technologies with Ome Iron Casting in order to create superior materials for our speed reducers.
A cast iron material developed by the company is used in the circular spline that is one of the three components of the HarmonicDrive®. As a gear that transmits a large amount of power, the circular spline must be made of high-strength materials. The ductile iron made by Ome Iron Casting features a patented high-strength as-cast manufacturing technology. As a high-grade material with high durability and strength along with excellent machinability, it is essential to the HarmonicDrive®.
Ome Iron Casting continues to carry out research and development aimed at further advances in material quality. Recently the company applied for a patent for a thin-wall ductile cast iron, made using a newly developed casting method completely different from conventional methods, which achieves high strength at around half the thickness of previous materials.

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