Management Policy & Structure

Message to Investors

A message from Akira Nagai, President & Representative Director

Management Principles

Read about the principles that guide HDSI management.

Strategies & Mid-term Business Plan

Mid-term to long-term business strategies and key performance indicator targets are shown.

Directors & Executives

Career summaries and responsibilities of HDSI directors and corporate auditors and responsibilities of executive officers are listed.

Operational Risks

Capital investment trends and other principal risk factors that may affect the HDS Group's performance and financial conditions are shown.

Corporate Governance

HDSI's corporate governance structure, internal control system, profiles of outside directors and outside corporate auditors, compensation, etc. are shown.

Risk Management & Compliance

Initiatives to ensure compliance including education, whistleblower system and prevention of insider transactions, and risk management policies and initiatives are shown.

Disclosure Policy

Disclosure policy, system for timely disclosure, and disclaimer are shown.

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