Core Technologies

Core technologies for achieving further advancements in total motion control

The HDS Group, aiming for further advances in total motion control based on our store of precision process and control technologies, carries out not only product-oriented research and development but also fundamental research and technology development from a medium and long-term standpoint in such areas as production and processing technology as well as application and design technology.

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Reducer/gear design Thin metal parts processing Small modular gear processing Precision machining Precision polishing Precision measurement Motor design and manufacture Sensor applications Core Technologies Sensors   Reducers   Motors   Drivers   Other system elements   Controllers Technology and skills Concept of Total Motion Control

Regarding precision measurement and processing technology as basic to the manufacturing craft, we are working to realize higher performance in speed reducer products by leveraging the core technologies developed in the course of HarmonicDrive® R&D and manufacturing, including precision machining, thin metal parts processing, small modular gear processing, precision polishing, and precision measurement.
Moreover, by applying our store of special-purpose servomotor design and polishing technologies and precision measurement technologies, we are developing new mechatronics products capable of high-accuracy positioning.

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