Reducer for precision control

The Harmonic Drive® is a speed reducer comprised of only three basic components, and is compact and lightweight yet high torque and high accuracy.
It is used in a wide range of applications as a highly reliable precision speed reducer.


High-performance Gear Heads for Servo Motors series

A gear head series that features one-touch installation to servo motors.
Select from a wide range of speed reduction ratios and torque capacities with our Harmonic Drive® products and Harmonic Planetary® precision planet gear speed reducer products.


Rotary Actuators

High accuracy and high torque actuators that provide an optimal combination of servo motor and highly accurate Harmonic Drive® products.

Linear Actuators

The linear actuators are a compact assembly of a precision screw and Harmonic Drive® capable of micron and submicron level positioning.

MotorsOptical Galvano ScannerSensor SystemServo Drivers

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