Developing Employee Skills

Basic policy on employees initiatives

Respecting the rights of each individual, and aspiring to be a company where individuals can pursue a meaningful and fulfilling cultural life, our management philosophy starts out with the pledge to make HDSI a company that supports self-motivated efforts of each individual, provides a workplace that brings out the best of our employees' capabilities through their work, and rewards ability and achievement.
Based on this management philosophy, we not only ensure that the working conditions of our employees comply with laws and ordinances but also strive to institutionalize practices that support employee skill development and create a workplace conducive to fruitful labor.

Developing Employee Skills

Human resource development policy

  1. People who think for themselves and act with the ambition to take on new challenges
  2. People who act with the spirit of cooperation needed in an organization
  3. People who are richly individual and draw on their creativity
  4. People who correctly see the direction of changes in the environment and can adapt to them
  5. People who possess cultural and human breadth

Based on the above policy, HDSI aims to develop human resources who can carry out our management philosophy.

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Management Philosophy Booklet

Everyone who works at HDSI receives a booklet stating our management philosophy, Charter of Corporate Behavior, Code of Conduct, Risk Management: Code of Conduct in a Crisis, and other matters, which they are required to carry with them.
Regular training sessions for each workplace are held to make sure employees fully understand these and put them into practice, instilling them in their consciousness.


Job rotation

A job rotation system is implemented actively as a means of invigorating the workplace and, by giving people experience in different kinds of jobs, letting each individual employee demonstrate new capabilities.

Reemployment after retirement

Our retirement age is defined as the age of 65 and employees can select the way of working after the age of 60 by working as full-time or part-time.

Supporting graduate school study, MBA and MOT programs

As one aspect of career formation, employees who volunteer and are approved by the company can attend a graduate school master's or doctoral program, Master of Business Administration (MBA), or Management of Technology (MOT) programs.

Overseas training

For the sake of developing human resources with global experience, employees who volunteer and are approved by the company are sent to work at Group companies outside Japan (the United States, Germany, or China). Through their work experience, employees can improve their communication skills, including a more diverse sense of values as well as language ability. This overseas training program also develops human resources able to carry out their work in a broad range of areas.

Correspondence course training

Under this program, the company pays for the cost of correspondence courses taken by employees in order to gain broader knowledge and education.

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