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Harmonic Lecture Series

As an expression of our appreciation to the people of Azumino City where the Hotaka Plant is located, we invite experts from many different fields to give lectures. In honor of the lecture series we donate to the library funds of elementary and middle schools in the city.
The sponsor of the Harmonic Lecture Series changed, from the 20th meeting (September 2019), from Harmonic Drive Systems Inc. to the Harmonic Ito Foundation. (Japanese only)

Past Lectures

No Speaker/Topic
19th Taichi Sakaiya(Writer・Economic Critic)
"From Showa and Heisei to a new era: Building a new Japan"
18th Keiko Kishi(Actress・Writer)
"Les formes de l'amour"
17th Junichiro Koizumi(Former Prime min ister)
"Path Japan should take"
16th Shunji Yanai(Former Japanese ambassador to the U.S.)
"East Asia's Transformation and Japan's Security"
15th C.W. Nicol(Author,Naturalist)
"Harmony of human and nature"
14th Gerald L. Curtis(Professor, Department of Political Science,Columbia University)
"Upheavel Japan-U.S relation in Asia"
13th (Special Lecture Series Commemorating 40th Anniversary)
Noriko Hama (Professor, Doshisha University Graduate School of Business)
"What Will Happen Next to Japan and the World in the Global Jungle?"
12th Takeshi Watanabe (Honorary Professor, Ph.D. in Physics, Tohoku University)
"The Joy of Learning and Courage to Teach Others"
11th Shumon Miura (Director-general, The Japan Art Academy)
"Japan in Asia"
10th Yoshiko Sakurai (journalist)
"Education Opens the Path to the Future"
9th Eiin Yasuda (Chief Priest of Yakushi-ji Temple)
"In Quest for Ideal Land"
8th Kazuhide Uekusa (Professor, the Okuma School of Public Management, Waseda University)
"Rebuilding the Japanese Economy"
7th Hiroyuki Agawa (writer)
"Humor and the Japanese"
6th Hajime Karatsu (Professor, Tokai University)
"Innovative Manufacturing—The Only Key to Japan's Future"
5th (in commemoration of Harmonic Drive Systems 30th anniversary)
Teru Miyamoto (writer)
"A 6,700 km Journey Along the Silk Road"
4th Keiichi Kodaira (Director-General of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan)
"Start of Observations by the Subaru Astronomical Telescope"
3rd Fumihiko Maki (former professor of the University of Tokyo, present principal of Maki and Associates)
"Presenting Space and Landscaping"
2nd Jun'ichi Nishizawa (former President of Tohoku University)
"The Meaning of Creative Technology"
1st Teru Miyamoto (writer)
"What You Get from Travel"