FB Series / Component / Pancake Type Standard Type


- Flat, planar structure
- Flexible customizing possible
- Backlash-free

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  1. Model: FB series
  2. Model Nos: 14, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50
  3. Reduction ratio: 50, 78, 80, 88, 100, 110, 120, 128, 131, 157, 160
  4. Model: 2-G = Component
  5. Special specification:
    • No description = Standard product
    • SP = Special specification


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Catalog Series Catalog name Japanese English Traditional Chinese
HarmonicDrive® Reducer for precision control General catalog of HarmonicDrive® 2404-27R 2404-27R 2404-27R

Manual / Software

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Manual/Software Type/Series Material name/software name Detailed information English
Manual HarmonicDrive® Speed Reducer HarmonicDrive® Engineering Data

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This Harmonic Drive® features a structure with a large hollow bore and small outer diameter. This allows for more compact and space-saving designs for applications such as axes on the ends of robot arms in which cable routing would be an issue, or in various machines and equipment.
This flat thin type is for high torque. It supports higher torque capacities than the FB Series.


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The academic and general name of "Harmonic Drive®" is "Strain Wave Gearing", and the name "Harmonic Drive®" is a registered trademark that can only be used for products manufactured and sold by the Company.

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