LSA Series Optical Galvano Scanner/High Accuracy & High Response Type


The LSA series are Galvano mirror type optical scanners capable of scanning at high speed and with high accuracy by employing a newly developed optical sensor and our unique mobile magnet type motors.
Combined with a dedicated driver, the optical galvano scanner smoothly performs continuous scanning, random access and other operations according to instructions from the user.

- Stable, high-speed driving of large loads
- Excellent temperature stability even without heater
- Angle sensor that's resistant to external ambience
- Stable motion that's resistant to noise
- Excellent linearity

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  1. Scanner model
  2. System designation
  3. Combined driver model PSM-130
  4. Specification symbol
  5. Special specification:
    • No description = Standard product
    • SP = Special specification


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Manual / Software

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Manual LSA Series LSA-10A-30-D-130 Optical Galvano Scanner System Manual

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