RSF supermini Series / AC Servo Actuator / Ultra Small Cylinder Type


An AC servo actuator that combines a dedicated flat AC servo motor design with Harmonic Drive®.

- Adopts 4-point contact ball bearing for an even more compact and lighter design
- DC24V

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  1. Model: RSF series AC servo actuator
  2. Model Nos: 3, 5
  3. Version symbol
  4. Reduction ratios of HarmonicDrive®: 30, 50, 100
  5. Encoder type: E = Incremental encoder
  6. Encoder resolution:
    • 020 = 200p/rev
    • 050 = 500p/rev
  7. Option
    • C = With connector (Standard product)
    • BC = With brake and connector (model No. 5 only)
    • None = No option available
  8. Special specification:
    • No description = Standard product
    • SP = Special specification


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Catalog Series Catalog name Japanese English Traditional Chinese
Mechanical Electronic Products General Catalog for Mechanical Electronic Products 2301-26R 2301-26R 2301-26R
SHA・MMA/PMA/YMA・FHA-C mini・RSF supermini Collaboration Series 2201-3R 2201-3R
CSF supermini/CSF-mini・FHA-C mini・RSF supermini Compact Variation 1906-2R 1906-2R
【RSF supermini / FHA-C mini Series】+ Mitsubishi AC Servo MELSERVO J4 New Product News vol.28 2009-4R 2009-4R

Manual / Software

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Manual/Software Type/Series Material name/software name Detailed information English
Manual RSF supermini Series RSF supermini Series AC Servo Actuator Manual with RSF-3C and RSF-5B
Manual RSF supermini Series RSF supermini Series AC Servo Actuator Manual (with RSF-3C and RSF-5B) "MELSERVO-J4" SSCNET Ⅲ / H communication system
Manual HA-680 Series AC Servo Driver for 24 V DC Power Supply Manual For FHA-8C, 11C, 14C/RSF-3C,5B/8B,11B, and 14B
Manual HA-680ML Series AC Servo Driver for 24 VDC Power Supply Manual compatible with MECHATROLINK (For FHA-8C, 11C, 14C/RSF-3C, 5B, 8B, 11B, and 14B)

Related products

The models support connection with the MELSERVO-J4 amplifiers. They can be used in SSCNET Ⅲ/H communication networks.
A combination of a driver that utilizes its characteristics to its fullest and an actuator that combines a highly controllable AC servo motor with a compact and high accuracy Harmonic Drive® speed reducer enables optimal systems to be constructed. This meets the needs of cutting edge industries in the fields such as semiconductor manufacturing systems, measurement control devices, and industrial robots.
This standard driver can be combined with our AC servo motors and actuators. It supports position, speed, and torque control via analog I/O instruction input. A driver for compact actuators with a 24VDC power supply.


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The academic and general name of "Harmonic Drive®" is "Strain Wave Gearing", and the name "Harmonic Drive®" is a registered trademark that can only be used for products manufactured and sold by the Company.

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