CSG Series / Component / Cup Type High Torque Type


The component type, which is comprised of only three basic components.

- High torque
- Long service life (better rated life)
- Backlash-free

Compared to CSF Series:
    Torque capacity increased by 30%
    Service life improved by 43% (10,000 hours)

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  1. Model name: CSG series
  2. Model Nos: 14, 17, 20, 25, 32, 40, 45, 50, 58, 65
  3. Reduction ratio: 50, 80, 100, 120, 160
  4. Model: 2A-GR = Component type (2A-R for model Nos 14 and 17)
  5. Specification: Symbols for the lubrication method and using conditions
  6. Special specification:
    • No description = Standard product
    • SP = Special specification


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Catalog Series Catalog name Japanese English Traditional Chinese
HarmonicDrive® Reducer for precision control General catalog of HarmonicDrive® 2404-27R 2404-27R 2404-27R

Manual / Software

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Manual/Software Type/Series Material name/software name Detailed information English
Manual HarmonicDrive® Speed Reducer HarmonicDrive® Engineering Data

Related products

An AC servo actuator that combines a dedicated flat AC servo motor design with Harmonic Drive®. This series features a flat, hollow bore structure, which can simplify the overall structure of machinery and equipment. You can select either the SHA-SG type that features a compact shape, or the SHA-CG type with an improved output shaft surface runout accuracy.
This model pushes flatness to new extremes. In comparison with the CSG/CSF Series, it halves the length in the shaft direction.
Achieves a 30% lighter design than the previous CSG unit series. Contributes to lighter and faster equipment and robots with greater load capacity.
A sealed full unit type that integrates everything up to the input side seal. This easy-to-handle product requires no seal design.


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The academic and general name of "Harmonic Drive®" is "Strain Wave Gearing", and the name "Harmonic Drive®" is a registered trademark that can only be used for products manufactured and sold by the Company.

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