HA-800A Series Servo Driver / Position, Speed, & Torque Control Type for AC Servo Driver


- I/O command type
- Positioning time shorter by 1/2 (compared to conventional model)
- Auto-tuning function added
- Approx. 30% less volume ratio


  1. Model: HA series AC servo driver
  2. Series: 800A = I/O command type
  3. Rated output current:
    • 1 = 1.5A
    • 3 = 3A
    • 6 = 6A
    • 24 = 24A
  4. Adaptable encoder:
    • A = 13-bit absolute encoder
    • B = 14-wire incremental encoder
    • C = 4-wire wire-saving incremental encoder
    • D = 17-bit absolute encoder
    • E = 17-bit encoding incremental model
  5. Input voltage:
    • 100 = AC100V
    • 200 = AC200V
  6. Special specification:
    • No description = Standard product
    • SP = Special specification


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Manual / Software

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Manual/Software Type/Series Material name/software name Detailed information English
Manual HA-800A Series 100V/200V Power Supply HA-800A Series AC Servo Driver (I/O command type) Manual
Manual HA-800 Series HA-800 Series Compatible with Absolute Encoders. Method for Installing Backup Battery (HA-800*-*A/D)
Software HA-800 Series PSF-800 Servo Parameter Setting Software for HA-800 Series Ver.2.00 ※Operating System requirements:WindowsRXP, Windows VistaR, WindowsR7
If an error occurs when PSF-800 is started, install the software below.
Download page for PSF-800 runtime library

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The academic and general name of "Harmonic Drive®" is "Strain Wave Gearing", and the name "Harmonic Drive®" is a registered trademark that can only be used for products manufactured and sold by the Company.

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